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Florida Fatherhood Initiative

By: Sherry Palmer | June 27, 2022 | Last modified July 2, 2022

Florida Fatherhood Initiative

HB 7065 Engrossed Enrolled

“An act relating to child welfare; . . . amending
s. 383.011, F.S.; requiring prenatal and
infant health care delivery programs to include
certain father engagement activities; . . . creating
s. 409.1464, F.S.; ….requiring the Department
of Children and Families to contract for the
development and implementation of the Responsible
Fatherhood Initiative; providing initiative
requirements; providing requirements for the entity
contracting with the Department of Children and
Families to implement the initiative; requiring
certain collaboration to implement the initiative;
creating 409.1465, F.S.; providing legislative intent;
requiring the Department of Children and Families to
award specified grants to notforprofit community
based organizations to address the needs of fathers;
requiring the department to prioritize grant
applicants in a specified manner; specifying the time
period for which a grant may be awarded; requiring
grant recipients to submit certain reports;
authorizing the Department of Children and Families to
adopt rules; creating s. 409.1467, F.S.; requiring the
Department of Children and Families to provide grants
to communitybased notforprofit organizations to
offer certain mentorship programs; providing grant
requirements; providing grant eligibility
requirements; providing requirements for grant
recipients; requiring the department to prioritize
grant applicants in a specified manner; providing the
amounts and duration of the grants; requiring grant
recipients to submit specified reports to the
department; requiring the department to contract for
the provision of technical assistance and certain
training; requiring grant recipients to complete such
training within a specified time; amending s. 409.147,
F.S.; requiring children’s initiatives to update
strategic community plans to include certain
information; requiring the Ounce of Prevention to
provide technical assistance to the children’s
initiative corporations; providing requirements for
children’s initiatives to receive state funding;
amending s. 409.2557, F.S.; requiring the Department
of Revenue to establish a webpage that contains
certain information; amending s. 409.2564, F.S.;
requiring Department of Revenue to provide certain
written notification to delinquent obligors; requiring
the written notification to include certain
information; creating s. 409.25996, F.S.; requiring
the Department of Economic Opportunity to award grants
to organizations that assist noncustodial parents in
meeting their child support obligations; amending s.
409.988, F.S.; requiring lead agencies to address
certain needs of fathers served by the lead agency;
requiring lead agencies to conduct an assessment,
create an action plan, employ certain specialists, and
prioritize certain individuals for specified purposes;
requiring the Department of Children and Families to
annually review lead agencies; amending ss. 409.996
and 409.997, F.S.; revising when specified reports
must be submitted to the Governor and Legislature;
creating s. 683.334, F.S.; designating the month of
June as “Responsible Fatherhood Month”; providing an
effective date.

What is the Florida Fatherhood Initiative?

The Florida Fatherhood Initiative addresses the fatherless homes crisis in America where the Florida legislative analysis found that “18.4 million children in the United States, “or one out of four, live without a biological, step, or adoptive father in the home.”

When does the Florida Fatherhood Initiative go into effect?

This act takes effect on July 1, 2022.

When was the Florida Fatherhood Initiative Passed?

Governor DeSantis signed HB 7065 into law on April 11, 2022.

What is the statute for the Florida Fatherhood Initiative?

The Florida legislature created a new section of code, Florida Statute Section 39.0143, to faciliate implementation of the Responsible Fatherhood programs.

What is the purpose of the Florida Fatherhood Initiative?

It promotes fatherhood in the state through programs and policies intended to alleviate the barriers fathers have encountered when trying to be involved in their child’s lives, and also to address policies that lead to father absence, and to educate and support families on the importance of including fathers.

Where do the materials for the Fatherhood Initiative come from?

Materials from the fatherhood media campaign are available through the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse.

What state agency is tasked with implementation of the Florida Fatherhood programs?

The Department of Children and Families is where you can find more information. Juvenile Justice is also tasked with some of the duties as well.

What is the budget for the Florida Fatherhood program?

$70 million has been allocated by Governor DeSantis to support fatherhood initiatives to develop mentorship programs and address the comprehensive needs of fathers in Florida.


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