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Learn how to get 50/50 equally shared parenting plans even if your state does not have them in your family code or your state statutes.

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One year of access to the members only site for only $24.99! Save money off the regular month-to-month membership and get locked in at your lower rate for an entire year.* Get the last month free when the sale is active!

Why Get a Membership?

Attorneys are taking your money and not fighting for your legal rights in separation for joint custody and equal shared parenting. Your attorney is probably not telling you that you have a right to be free from your ex and the court’s control over your family life without costing you your entire net worth. There are videos in this membership site to help you understand the family court process, what you need to know to win child custody without constantly needing to refresh your attorney retainer, about parental rights your attorney might not be telling you about, what to expect during the divorce litigation process, and how to guide your attorney and control your case from the first temporary orders hearing to the final trial and final decree.

It is unfortunate but true that paternity and family law attorneys do not believe you should be fighting for father’s rights or mother’s rights. More importantly, they are happy to violate their fiduciary duty to you as their client and to act on what their personal beliefs are regarding your child’s best interest, taking away your parental authority to determine this yourself, and leave you with just visitation or labeled as a second-class parent as a conservator or a noncustodial parent. This might be the last choice you get to make, protect your rights now or continue to pay 5, 10, 15, 30 thousand dollar retainers to your attorney to beg the court to choose you and grant primary to the parent based on the judge’s bias, prejudice, ideas, morality, values, and preferences.

If you are going to raise your child based on your beliefs and values, you will need to have your rights respected and protected in family law, you are going to need to guide your attorney, take control of your life, take your life back, and know how to keep them focused on protecting your rights. The membership is your road map, your family law blueprint.

We teach you what to look for in an attorney and how to keep your attorney focused on your right to be the one to protect your child and your right to these protections, and prevent the ex and the judge from using their personal opinions about what is best for your child for violating yours and your child’s civil rights and constitutional associations. For instance, in California, an attorney might tell you that at age 14 your child is allowed to choose whether or not they want a relationship with you.

The Constitution actually provides very strong protections for your right to decide what is in your child’s best interest and all of your legal rights if you understand how to argue them. Family Courts have twisted and perverted the law for a very long time by making parents think that they have to prove the better parent. That’s how they get away with it. You can stop this unconstitutional practice. Your attorney might tell you that they don’t apply these rights, that everything they are doing is constitutional, that bringing up rights will hurt you and make the judge think you are not putting your child first, and that’s just some of the problem. Once you know that you have these liberty and association rights and how they protect you, you won’t fall for the expensive and bankrupting tactics the family courts use. You will be better at understanding how to ask for what you really want without adding unnecessary expensive litigation tactics and discovery. You will drive your own future once you understand how these rights apply to the family and juvenile courts. Leave these rights out and you give up the keys to your life. You will forever be the victim under the control and threat of the court and your ex, and even possibly a guardian ad litem, an amicus, or a counselor.

When you fight for and win protection of your rights, your rights will protect you and your child; you don’t just win one court case, you prevent future court cases. With equal rights, you may have to share your child with the other parent but you will not have to worry about losing your child to the other parent ever again.

Learn how to get 50/50 equally shared parenting plans even if your state does not have them in your family code or your state statutes.

If your goal is to be an equal parent in your child’s life with an equal parenting time plan, and free to make your own choices after divorce without your ex or the court telling you what to do, without your ex constantly threatening that they will use the court to force you to do what they want, and if you want to be able to make new career choices, move on with your life, start over, and live out your planned parenthood with your child. If you want to define the kind of relationship you have with your child, define how you raise your child, and just overall have the freedom to choose your life and your future, and prevent separation anxiety, depression, and the common ills that afflict children of divorce and parental alienation, then you want to be a Fix Family Courts member and have access to these videos, books, and caselaw citations. If you do not have this information you are at risk of having your money and child seized, and could end up facing threatening child support enforcement procedures and jail, driven into bankruptcy, and told that you have to work and maintain the marital lifestyle, cannot change careers, cannot start your own business, and never get away from earning the kind of money your ex demands. Want to be free from the bullying and narcissistic ex and be free to make new choices in your life after divorce or separation from the other parent, then you need to become a member and have these resources at your fingertips anytime and from anywhere there is internet.



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NOTE: There are no guarantees on your outcome. We cannot guarantee that you will get 50/50.

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