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Motion in Limine

A motion to block any testimony that should not be allowed to be used against you. This is standard practice in every other area of law. Why is your attorney taking risks with your child, wasting your time, and wasting your money. You can limit the testimony that can be presented.


More Information

A Motion in Limine is a pre-trial motion designed to limit or prohibit certain types of testimony from being presented. If you are asserting your constitutional rights as we teach, then you have raised your First Amendment rights and have told the judge that the United States Constitution prevents them from limiting your fundamental rights based on the judge’s opinion of your parenting of your child. This motion raises those issues in the context of blocking any testimony where the only purpose is to attack your speech with your child, your relationship with your child, or to attack any lawful parenting choices you have made for your child. Getting that speech blocked drastically alters the nature of your trial, can reduce the costs of trial, and if the judge does not block that speech, you have a specific written error the judge committed that can get the judge’s orders overturned.

Attorneys make a lot of money in family law arguing over issues that should have never been allowed to be presented in court. In other types of cases, pre-trial hearings are designed to narrow the issues to be addressed in the actual trial to only the essential issues. In family law, they do just the opposite, likely only to get rich off of your and your child's suffering. Put an end to as much of this as you can. The only issue in a custody hearing between fit parents should be how the parents are going to share their full and equal parental rights in a way that doesn't infringe on the rights of the other parent. This motion is one of the simple to use tools that helps achieve that goal.