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The Parental Alienation Series

In this series of videos, you will find nuggets of gold that you can use to protect yourself from the evil of parental alienation. You want to be certain that you do everything possible to protect your child from the devistating effects of what we call Court Induced Parental Alienation(tm).

It is a sad fact that the courts promote parental alienation by protecting and empowering the alienating parent. If you are going to protect yourself and your child, you need the knowledge necessary to defend against both the court and your ex because they are both major elements of the problem.

Parental alienation may have a lot of controversy around it. That is because manipulaton is the oldest behavior and tactic around. It is used in every aspect of life. 

This video shows one of the most common way it is used in family courts to strip a fit, loving, healthy parent from their otherwise close relationships with their children and out of that parent’s life.

This video shows you an example of how alienators use your emotional attachment to your children to devastate you, make you depressed, and benefit from using the children to side with them.

This exerpt from one of our training modules helps men understand how thier rights work when the mother keeps the child from them at birth.

Sherry Palmer discusses how the system’s support for parental alientation can be understood in terms of it being a money making business for the corrupt family law machine.

Sherry distils this important concept into four distinct phases.

Sherry Palmer discusses how parental alienation disrupts the normal parenting flow and prevents relationships issues from working out as they naturally would where court induced alienation(tm) is not an ongoing factor. 

Sherry shares her first hand experience and her knowledge of how the alienation process disrupts the child’s ability to learn how to work through the normal ups and downs of family relationships. Instead of learning to stick with it and work through issues, children learn to cut and run. This is just another way our government destroys families by teaching our children that family relationships are disposable. 

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