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Book - Beginners Guide to Family Law by Ron B Palmer
Beginner's Guide to Family Law
A simplified path to parental rights

For a loving parent, a child custody suit can be a time of terror. The most important thing in your life is at stake and it doesn’t take long to figure out that the system is rigged against you. This book provides simple straight forward and easy to understand ways to help ensure that your rights get protected. This is the starter guide for you to protect your rights.

Book NOT In the Childs Best Interest

NOT In the Child's Best Interest

The book that started it all.

This book will show you what your constitutional rights are and where they come from. It will show you how divorce courts are able to violate your rights, at will. Most importantly, this book will show you how to put a stop to this travesty.

Your right to the care, custody, and control over your child is a fundamental liberty, just as your right to free speech is, or your right to freedom of religion is a fundamental liberty. Your child has the right to

Book - Oath Breakers - Lies Family Courts Tell

Oath Breakers

Lies Family Courts Tell

Have you ever heard a judge say that the constitution does not apply in your case because yours is a civil case between private parties and the state is not a party? This is a lie that family courts tell. If either party asks the court to make a court order, the state is involved and the constitution applies. This book reviews the state action doctrine and shows you what the United States Supreme Court directly said about child custody courts being state actors subject to constitutional limitations on their judicial actions.

Book - Protecting Parent-Child Bonds - Proposed 28th Amendment

Protecting Parent-Child Bonds

The 24th Amendment

A proposed 24th amendment to the United States Constitution that can also be incorporated into state constitutions.

This book is designed to get our federal and state legislators focused on the issues and focused on solutions. This book is a call to action and an emphatic statement by parents and prospective parents that we expect our parental rights to be acknowledged and respected.

Motions & Pleadings

Ron and Sherry Palmer have created a comprehensive system that includes a number of sample motions to guide you and your attorney through the winning child custody arguments in support of constitutional rights. These trial motions, pre-trial pleadings, and post-trial objections can be purchased individually or in a package that offers considerable savings from the individual purchases.


These motions are a starting point not final documents. It is important to integrate the specific details of your case into the motions you file. We can help with this but you really need an attorney to at least review any documents you file before you file them.

One thing though, family law attorneys make a lot of money in the current system and don’t have proper incentive to do anything that might take that money away. Civil rights attorneys, on the other hand, earn their living promoting and protecting your rights. While our sample motions are not a substitute for an attorney, they are designed to give your civil rights attorney a great head start and save you thousands of dollars in basic research and constitutional argument creation.

Unlike your attorney who works in only one state and probably no more than two or three counties, we work all over the country, with many attorneys, performing under many different family codes. We see far more than your local attorneys. We have significant experience with defeating the many ways that judges use to keep the system working for them and not for you or for your child.

Your choice is simple, assert your rights or take what they give you.

Motion Pre-Trial Framing

Pre-Trial Framing Motion

This motion is a culmination of our work to date. It succinctly and directly moves the court to protect your rights based on controlling precedent, cited in the motion, that the court cannot properly ignore. If you could present only one motion, this would be the one to present.

This motion presents our most powerful arguments, the arguments with the most supporting precedent, and the easiest argument for you to present. The arguments raised here demand the highest level of rights protection available in any court and demonstrate that your court is required to apply this level of protection no matter what it may have done in the past.

Our Gold Members can review this motion in the members site and access the detailed training for this motion. This product will provide the motion to you in Microsoft Word format so that you and your attorney can modify the motion for your particular circumstances.


Motion Package Deal

Package Deal

We highly recommend that you consider purchasing the motions package that contains the main sample motions and pleadings that we offer for you to take to your attorney and have them apply their legal skill to customize them for your case. Many of these motions are designed to be filed* jointly and each contains valuable information that will help you better understand how to protect your rights and win child custody.

Because we want you to have the benefit of all of this valuable information, we offer this package at a considerable discount over purchasing each sample motion individually.




Petition Insert

Petition Insert

Courts must prove their authority to infringe fundamental rights and this insert demands in specific detail that the court do just that before infringing your rights. This insert is designed to be inserted into your original petition to demand your rights in the first and most fundamental document in your case. Pleadings can be amended. So if you have already filed your pleadings, you may be able to amend with this insert. Ask your attorney or see your rules of civil procedure.

This is a sample document to demonstrate how we might use some of the materials from our book, to help make it easier for your attorney to understand.


Motion Declaratory Relief Substantive Rights

Substantive Rights Motion

Substantive rights are those rights that the government cannot infringe at all unless the government first meets certain conditions. Family law courts rarely if ever meet these conditions. Your attorney is supposed to be requiring the court to meet these conditions before infringing your rights but so many attorneys have simply become cogs in the government machinery that they simply fail this essential task. With this motion, you put your court on notice that you understand your substantive rights, that you expect the court to protect your substantive rights, and that if the court fails to protect your substantive rights you will appeal this fundamental error on the court’s part.



Motion Declaratory Relief Equal Protection

Equal Protection Motion

Family law courts seek to classify or label you as a different kind of parent, as a conservator or noncustodial parent, with lesser rights simply because you divorce or separate from the other parent or you never marry the other parent, and are a single parent. This is a violation of your equal protection rights because your rights as a parent are individual and independent of your marital status. They get away with this because everybody naturally assumes that divorce is cause for the state to intervene and deprive you of rights. This presumption is legal error.* The court may not use your choices regarding marriage as a trigger to invade your individual parental rights. They continue to do so because parents have not fought back with the proper tools and arguments. This motion provides you a tool and well formulated arguments to fight back, to tell the court that enough is enough, and to preserve your right to appeal the court’s violation of your equal protection rights.

This sample motion comes with a legal treatise—a white paper explaining the arguments—that can easily be made ready to file in support of the equal protection motion.* Because of our deeply held beliefs about marriage and the authority of the government, our equal protection rights in divorce are difficult for people to get their heads around. This paper explains what we have learned these rights are and where they come from in language the court can understand and in language that helps with any appeals you may need to file.

*These are not file ready. We are not attorneys and do not practice law, we are not a substitute for an attorney. Whenever we make reference to a legal term, we are doing so as a layman. Before you rely on anything you get from us, please make sure you have it checked and verified by an attorney. Get your attorney or have us work with your attorney to customize them using your case facts. We do not help you prepare your case.


Motion Declaratory Relief Procedural Rights

Procedural Rights Motion

Even when the court meets the substantive rights bar to infringe your parental rights, the court is duty bound to provide fundamentally fair proceedings. This sample motion addresses what we believe are the specific requirements on the court to provide fundamentally fair proceedings. There are specific actions the court must take and there is a specific test the court must apply before the proceedings can be considered fair. Every case is different and this test must be applied to the specific facts of your case individually by the judge. Your judge is simply not allowed to say that the legislature performed this function in establishing the law because this is a judicial function where the outcome depends on the specific facts of your case. These rules we believe apply in family law cases.










Motion Pre-Trial Conference

Pre-Trial Conference Motion

This sample motion is intended to protect you and your child. It attacks the problem at its core. Family courts are regularly violating the rights of children and their parents by blowing past the very laws that limit their discretion. This sample motion provides explanation and training for getting this in front of your judge before the court makes you bankrupt and takes over your life.

The family courts have created a scheme to skirt the protections that your rights provide you. This sample motion peels back these layers by revealing to you and your attorney what they are doing and how they are avoiding applying your rights in your divorce or child custody trial. This sample motion tells them to stop and protects the record. Use arguments like this or lose the protection of your rights. Use this sample motion to help you provide to your attorney information that might help you get justice in an unjust process.



Sample Motion Remove GAL Guardian Ad Litem

Motion to Dismiss GAL

Having a Guardian ad litem is generally a bad idea as you can often find yourself being prosecuted by them and having to pay for them to argue against your interests. Fortunately for you, it is blatantly unconstitutional for them to force you to pay for someone to speak against your interest. The Supreme Court just recently reiterated that you cannot compel people to pay for speech because it violates the First Amendment. If you are being compelled to pay for a Guardian ad litem the information in this sample motion can shut it down quickly.

Even if you aren’t being required to pay for the Guardian ad litem, their existence in your case violates the constitution in multiple ways and the information in this sample this motion will help you shut them down.

If you are being hurt by a Guardian ad litem and you want to get rid of them, you need the information in this sample motion. If you have an attorney, give them this sample motion and ask them to use the information in it to get rid of the Guardian ad litem for you.

Compare the cost of this motion against the thousands of dollars you will be forced to pay the GAL in your case.


Motion in Defense of Enforcement - Ability to Pay. - child support

Defend Against Child-Support Enforcement Motion:
Ability to Pay

This Motion provides a strong defense against your being put in jail if you cannot pay the full amount of child-support that you owe. It calls out the BS games judges play to illegally punish you when you can’t pay your full child-support amount.

Importantly, it calls them out on not having a standard for ability to pay and challenges the proceedings as being illegal where they do not provide you the standard in writing at least ten days before the enforcement hearing.

If you are facing a child support enforcement hearing and you are unable to pay, you are going to need much more than just going in to court and saying that you cannot pay.

Do you know what the judge can use to consider your ability to pay?

Do you know what caselaw protects you from not knowing in advance the ability to pay standard?

Do you what your attorney is going to argue? Do you know if that will be enough?

To protect yourself from the abuse, shock, and devastation of not being prepared when you walk into that enforcement hearing, and not wanting to risk waiving your right to make these arguments, you will want to get this Child Support Ability to Pay motion to your attorney right away.

Use it to start a dialogue with your attorney and to guide your attorney with what kind of protection you feel you are entitled.


Sample Motion in Lemine

Motion in Limine

A motion in limine is a pre-trial motion designed to limit or prohibit certain types of testimony from being presented. If you are asserting your constitutional rights as we teach, then you have raised your First Amendment rights and told the judge that the United States Constitution prevents them from limiting your fundamental rights based on the judge’s opinion of your parenting of your child. This motion raises those issues in the context of blocking any testimony where the only purpose is to attack your speech with your child, your relationship with your child, or to attack any lawful parenting choices you have made for your child. Getting that speech blocked drastically alters the nature of your trial and if the judge does not block that speech, you have a specific written error the judge committed that can get the judge’s orders overturned.











We understand that these issues are difficult to understand and it is easy to be afraid that you are doing the wrong things. Perhaps you are frustrated that you cannot get your attorney to take protecting your rights seriously. Perhaps your attorney is worried about doing something new and different in your county and needs some assurance that all issues are covered and supported.

We provide everything from full service packages where we join your attorney’s legal team and assist them in crafting all documents up to and including arguments for appellate briefs, mandamus, religious suits, and Petitions for Certiorari, to hourly consultations with you and your attorney helping you understand the process and everything in between to help you keep your child out of the middle, help you understand how your rights help prevent parental alienation, help you find resources when you are alienated, dealing with a narcissist, enforcement, false allegations of abuse, and need support, that is allowed by law. Our focus is on protecting your constitutional rights and winning the child custody battle.

If you want more information on our services you can contact us through the contact form for this site and by clicking the button below:


We offer enhanced information, training, and services through our membership site. For a low monthly fee, you can receive more specific and detailed information your attorney can customize to use in your case. This site is ideal for those parents looking to maximize their outcomes. Whether you just want the information from our membership site for your own knowledge as pro se* or to use with your attorney, you are welcome to learn and choose what might work for you. 

Much of our detailed training is provided in the membership site including our sixteen hour protecting family rights video course. This training is essential to winning child custody.

*If you are acting pro se, you will still need to take the information to an attorney and have them use their technical skill to re-tool the information to fit your case specifics. We do not prepare your case for you. We can work with your attorney and help provide support and resource to your attorney.If you would like to sign up to our members only site, you can do so by clicking the button below: